Sanskrit Tattoo Translation of the Phrase Love Yourself First

A few months back, a user of my website contacted me to get a Sanskrit tattoo translation done for the phrase of his choice: Love yourself first. This is a very popular phrase among many users–I have noticed it used among many new-age practitioners of yoga, music etc.

However, it was not easy getting the suitable translation of this phrase in Sanskrit. I deliberated with my source and tried to find out the best possible translation.

I hope you will like it. Feel free to use if you would like to get inked with this Sanskrit tattoo.

Sanskrit tattoo translation of Love Yourself First 

For the better understanding of the translation, I am also providing the transliteration in IAST format so that users who don’t understand the Devanagari script could understand it and pronounce it if need be.

Svātmani Snehyata Ādau

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