Sanskrit Tattoo Translation of the Phrase Family Is My Life; God Is My Judge

It seems to be a popular phrase among Sanskrit tattoo aficionados, as I have got two users who approached me to get the Sanskrit translation done for this phrase. However, one of them needed the first part only, while the other needed the full phrase.

As you would know that getting a Sanskrit tattoo translation is very popular nowadays and there are many online resources who claim to provide it. Yes, I must warn you because many of them are frauds and trick gullible users who don’t understand the Sanskrit language and even can’t read the Devanagari script.

I am providing the authentic Sanskrit translation provided by a Ph. D. and you are free to use or get inked it on your body.

Sanskrit Tattoo Translation of Family Is My Life; God Is My Judge

For the benefit of users who don’t read the Devanagari script, I am also providing the easy IAST format transliteration.

Parivāro Mama Jīvanaṁ

Īśo Me Paricchedakaḥ

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