Sanskrit Tattoo Translation of Remember Who You Are

Getting a Sanskrit tattoo translation online is never an easy task given the fact that the authenticity of the translation provided by most of the websites remains questionable. I have come in contact with many users who ordered a Sanskrit tattoo translation from some online resources but the translation provided was faulty or completely wrong. Some of the translation provided was just a transliteration in the Devanagari script–some even wrote it in the Hindi language!

This is where I thought of providing authentic and correct Sanskrit tattoo translation to my readers–I get my translation from a Ph. D. in Sanskrit and I do a detailed discussion about the choice of Sanskrit words and how they are used in the correct context for the particular English phrase ordered by the users.

I often release the translation done for a previous client on my website, and so in that relation, I am providing the Sanskrit tattoo translation of the phrase ‘Remember Who You Are’. Feel free to get it inked as it is the correct one and you don’t have to worry about its authenticity.

For the users who can’t read the Devanagari script, here is the transliteration according to the IAST format.

Bhavān Kaḥ Iti Smaratu

Please feel free to write to us through the comment section if you have any question, feedback or suggestions regarding this.

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  1. Hey, Just needed to check once again if the Sanskrit line used for this is accurate in terms of its grammar and authenticity. It would be really helpful if you can explain the choice of Sanskrit words and its arrangement here as stated in this article that there has been a detailed discussion about the same, would love to know that as i am planning to get this line tattooed. Thank you

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