Sanskrit Tattoo Translation–May my soul remain free

Sanskrit tattoos could be a word or a phrase. It actually conveys what and how you feel.

Below is the Sanskrit translation of the tattoo saying ‘May my soul remain free’. The transliteration version of this translation would be: Ātmā Me Vimukto Bhavet

The common English pronunciation of the translation would be: Aatmaa Mai Vimukto Bhavet.

We hope this will be a really nice introduction for you to the world of Sanskrit.

If you feel you need to ask for pronunciation or anything related to this Sanskrit tattoo translation, or you want to get one of your own translation, you can write to us through the comment section.

Sanskrit Tattoo

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  1. I’ve been researching for the accurate Sanskrit translation of “Be free where you are” and it’s been difficult to find it because it seems that this language does not have an equivalent for the English “to be” unless its combined in a sentence expressed as I.e. “you are”. What would be the translation and pronunciation for the above-mentioned saying? Thanks!

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