Sanskrit names of stationery items

We don’t realize that a lot of names of stationery items used in daily life come from Sanskrit language.

In this post, I am providing some of the Sanskrit names of stationery items used in a classroom.

I have also provided the IAST transliteration for easy understanding of users who can’t read Devanagari script yet.

Feel free to add any name or suggest or even ask a question through the comment section.

English Sanskrit Transliteration
Stationery लेखसाधनम् Lekhasādhanam
Chair पीठं, विष्ठरः Pīṭhaṁ, Viṣṭharaḥ
Wheel chair पर्पम् Parpam
Table फलकम् Phalakam
Closet कोष्ठः Koṣṭhaḥ
Pen लेखनी, कलमः Lekhanī, Kalamaḥ
Pencil वर्त्तिका, कृचिका Varttikā, Kṛcikā
Ink मसिः Masiḥ
Paper लिखनपत्रम् Likhanapatram
Bag शाणपुटम् Śāṇapuṭam

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