Sanskrit names of rooms in house

Well, a house is built with many materials and is compartmentalized according to the functions that are supposed to be performed in it.

Some space will be used for sleeping, while some will be used for making food. Some space will be used as the washing area while some may be used to attend the guests.

All these spaces are named according to various cultures and styles in which a house is built. Some are called rooms while some got their own unique names.

Different cultures may have different rituals and practices to decorate and maintain these spaces, but their function usually remains almost the same though with certain modifications, of course, based on personal needs and preferences.

We will see what they are called in the Sanskrit language.

English Sanskrit
House गृहम्
Room कक्षः
Kitchen पाकशाला
Bathroom स्नानशाला
Bedroom शयनगृहम्
Guestroom अतिथिशाला
Dining Room भोजनशाला
Lavatory धावनस्थानम्
Portico वरण्डः
Innerroom अन्तर्गृहम्
Upperroom उपरिशाला

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