Sanskrit Names of Flowers

List of Sanskrit Names of Flowers–पुष्पं

Here is a list of Sanskrit names of flowers from English.

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Sunflowerदिवाकरः, सूर्य्यकमलःDivākaraḥ, Sūryyakamalaḥ
Lotusपद्मः, कमलंPadmaḥ, Kamalaṁ
Water Lilyकुमुदं, पद्मिनीKumudaṁ, Padminī
Roseजवा, जपाJavā, Japā
Michelia champacaचम्पकंCampakaṁ
Pandanus odoratissimusकैतकंKaitakaṁ

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  1. this site is aweful thu thu it is bout flowers
    i think the owner of this site feels like sanskrit is difficult so i hate this site
    i would like to THROW my “BATHROOM SLIPPERS” on him on this person who is the owner of this site

  2. @monali shah
    There are not many flowers available in Sanskrit as such. I will need to do a lot of research in order to fetch the names because the traditional names popular in present’s time are not available in the dictionary.

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