Roadside Tea vendor: chaiwala/chaiwali

Roadside Tea Vendor: chaiwala/chaiwali

Tea vending is one of the most popular street businesses in India. You go to any place in India, be it cities, metros, towns, or even countryside, you will come to notice some people preparing tea (chai).

Construction sites, corporate offices, busy marketplaces, countryside roads, highways, colleges canteens, hospitals and what not–these tea vendors pervade the whole land of India.

Sugar, brown sugar (un- or partially refined sugar), tea leaves, cardamom, ginger, milk, water are elements that are used to prepare this cuppa. If you have traveled in trains or in buses, you will notice railways stations, bus-stands abuzz with the noise or flavor of tea.

Along with selling tea, the vendor also keeps snacks, baked and salted items, chips, and other similar items. Sometimes, fried items are also prepared with tea vending.

In a very wild guess, I will term ‘chaiwala’ as the most popular street business in India. Do you agree! Do you have any idea as an entrepreneur around this tea business.

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