Review of Mi VR Play–missing head strap (A major cause of concern)

On 21st December 2016, users were hooked to the Mi website to order Mi VR Play to enjoy a really good virtual reality glasses. My friend Lokesh did the same–he got his order through in the very first attempt and he was really excited to receive it. Yesterday, all his hopes dashed, because this VR glass does not have a head strap.

No doubt that Mi has very clearly written it but the excitement of ordering it from Mi hardly allows a common user to read the whole sentence. It is certified functional with Google CardBoard, and that’s it. The user tends to miss where it says ‘…do not include a head strap.’

So, if you want a VR glass with a head strap, you have to look at other options.

Lokesh says that after using Ant VR, which didn’t perform as expected, he was really looking forward to this product. However, he says that without a head strap, it is really cumbersome to hold the gadget and enjoy the immersive view of the videos. The phones are usually heavy and it becomes a burden for the hand to hold the gadget–he mentioned that after 5-7 minutes, he could no longer hold it.

The plus side of Mi VR Play is that quality is good and it worked well with OnePlus 2 phone. It works well with higher ppi phones and the ones that have full HD view.

Works With: Google Cardboard

Min. size: 11.9cm (4.7)

Typical size: 14.5cm (5.7)

Maximum size: 14.0cm (5.5)

Verdict: Mi could have clinched the deal had it given the head strap too. Right now, it may not go well with users.

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