Review of game Fly PANIC

Arcade games are among the most interesting and highly engaging genres among the plethora of digital games. If you are looking for an easy to understand but challenging to master arcade game, you must try Fly PANIC. Developed in a hierarchical fashion making every successive one tougher than the previous level, the game developers have put in their superior insights into the players’ psychology and tastes to deliver one of the best arcade games ever.

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The tasks in front of the player

Episode-1 of Fly PANIC is entitled ‘Kitchen Chaos’ presenting four different challenges to the players. The player must control the fly infestation while the hungry little critters are feasting upon the ‘Dish of the Day’. You will find a child’s birthday cake and a chef’s juicy ham targeted by the critters. There are three different kinds of flies targeting your home namely Blue Bottle Flies, Green Blow Flies and Red Fruit Flies. On the other hand, the black flies have teamed up to help the player to protect the home from the other flies. The player must “Tap-to-Zap”.

Interesting elements of the game

  • The player has to keep track of the zapper battery life and watch for the blue batteries to fly. Tapping them will recharge.
  • Shooting black flies will count against you. At times, they can hide behind the other types of lies you will target.
  • You must not hit certain background objects to avoid dire consequences.

Take home

The game developers have done a great job in delivering a challenging as well as highly interesting game to the action lovers. The graphics are neatly accomplished in an alluring way. You will fall in love with it once you have tasted all that it has got to feed your gaming spirit.

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