Rajnikanth jokes on Golf

1. When Rajnikanth plays golf, he uses a hockey stick. Result?

He scores 2 holes with every hit.

2. Earlier, golf players used balls of the size of a football.

Repeated hits by Rajnikanth rendered them tiny and small.

3. Once Rajnikanth was playing Hockey.

He was scoring continuously. The umpire was repeating “goal” “goal” constantly.

As the speed of goals increased, umpire’s tongue slipped and he started saying, “golf” “golf”.

Unhappy playing in a team game, Rajnikanth decided to create a new game from that word and played alone.

4. Rajnikanth does not need to hit the ball. He just directs it and it goes directly into the hole.

5. Once Rajnikanth’s ball fall short 10 yards of a hole. He just blew air and the ball went in.

The match was declared a legend.

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