Rajnikanth jokes about Google

1. Rajnikanth once Googled something and found some unwanted advertisement. Disgusted he grunted: “Add some sense to it!”

From that day, Google came out with their money-making product called “Adsense”.

2. Google once questioned the authority of Rajnikanth and declared that they are equal to him. Rajnikanth smilingly declared that he is still “+1” than them.

This clicked an idea and Google started their fresh project as “Plus 1”.

3. Rajnikanth does not use Google to reach out to various websites. He just tele-transports himself to their homepage.

4. Once somebody searched for “Rajnikanth Jokes” on Google. The Google went on whales.

5. “Rajnikanth Jokes” is the only trending topic that Google has. No other topic dared to trend ever.

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