Quotes from Chanakya Niti

Sanskrit Text:

व्यालाश्रयाऽपि विफलापि सकण्टकाऽपि।

वक्राऽपि पङ्किल-भवाऽपि दुरासदाऽपि।

गन्धेन बन्धुरसि केतकि सर्वजन्तोर्

एको गुणः खलु निहन्ति समस्तदोषान्।।

English Translation:

The plant Ketki, known as screw pine, also houses snakes. It’s also without fruits and has thorns also. It’s also not straight and also has swamps around it. It is also not easily accessible. Ketki binds every being with its fragrance and therefore one good trait abolishes all the negative characteristics.


This remains one of the favorite quotes among the plethora of wisdom-nuts that Kautilya has so beautifully cracked for all of us. It is so inspirational and so contextual for spiritual pursuits also. It allows you to believe in your single quality even if you have multiple negative sides or lacking points. I hope you also like it.


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