Planets Names in Punjabi Language

The names of planets in the Punjabi language from their English counterparts are given in this post. Though, recently, scientists have started counting only eight planets in the solar system, yet, people continue to search for names of all the nine planets in Punjabi.

Pluto, the smallest planet of the solar system, is no longer considered as a planet by the scientists. However, for the sake of it, we have provided the Punjabi name of this planet also.

In Punjabi, a planet is called ਗ੍ਰਹਿ, and this can be suffixed to all the names of the particular planets. Yet, when it comes to earth, we usually avoid adding it and call it simply ‘ਪ੍ਰਿਥਵੀ’ or ‘ਧਰਤੀ’.

Punjabi names of Planets from English

Planets’ Names in EnglishPlanets’s Names in Punjabi
Earthਧਰਤੀ, ਪ੍ਰਿਥਵੀ
Pluto (Not considered a planet now)ਪਲੂਟੋ

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