Parjai meaning in Punjabi

It’s very strange for Punjabi people to know that people are searching for ‘Parjai’ or ‘Parjai meaning in Punjabi’ and even ‘Purjai meaning in Hindi’ over Google. The surprising part in this is the spelling of the word Parjai. In actual, the word is ‘Bharjai’–it’s the opposite gender of ‘Bhara’, which means brother.

So, the meaning Bharjai or Parjai, as a lot of people call it, is Bhabhi, the wife of the brother–either elder or younger.

In conversational Punjabi, the first letter of the word ‘Bh’ is often confused with the letter ‘P’, and that’s why this whole confusion occurs.

If you can read Punjabi script, the spellings would be: ਭਰਜਾਈ and not ਪਰਜਾਈ.

In Hindi also, parjai would mean the same thing.

I hope this clarifies the confusion. 🙂

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