One word substitution–3

Continuing our efforts of providing you list of ‘one word substitution‘, we move forward. These words are intended to give the exact meaning of a sentence by a single word. These types of lists come pretty handy if you want to improve your vocabulary in English language.

One who cannot  be elected according to law. Ineligible
An office for which no salary is paid. Honorary
An office with little work but high salary. Sinecure
A style full of words. Verbose
To repeat word for word. Verbatim
A loss which cannot be repaired. Irreparable
A person who believes in fate. Fatalist
That which ends in death. Fatal
A thing that must happen. Inevitable
Remarks not to be point. Irrelevant
A story which is difficult to believe. Incredible
A person who lives on others. Parasite
Fit to be eaten. Edible
To do a thing at one and the same time. Simultaneously
A medicine which cures all diseases. Panacea
Something that is present everywhere. Omnipresent
One who is all powerful. Omnipotent
An impression which cannot be easily removed. Indelible
Something dull and uninteresting. Monotonous
That which cannot be satisfied. Insatiable
One who knows many languages. Linguist
From time to time. Occassionally
A bird of passage. Migratory
A word which is no longer in use. Obsolete
A game or battle where nobody wins. Drawn
A person with a bad reputation. Notorious
A person who eats too much. Glutton
An assembly of hearers. Audience
Difficulties which cannot be overcome. Insurmountable
A person who lives on vegetables. Vegetarian
A medicine that kills germs. Germicide
Two persons ruling or living at the same time. Contemporary

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