One word substitution–27

Continuing our tryst with our exploration of ‘one word substitution‘ list, we present more words as they keep coming. These words are intended to give the exact meaning of a sentence by a single word. These types of lists come pretty handy if you want to improve your vocabulary in English language.

The study of rocks and soils. Geology
Cultivating and managing gardens. Horticulture
The science of numbers. Mathematics
The science of measuring volume, length. Mensuration
The art of metal-working. Metallurgy
The study of coins. Numismatics
The study of eggs. Oology
The study of birds. Ornithology
The study of mountains. Orology
The study of ancient writings. Palaeography
The study of stamps. Philately
The study of languages. Philology
The study of the human face. Physiognomy
The study of the way in which the human body works. Physiology
An institution for education in the arts and sciences. Polytechnic
The study of the human mind. Psychology
The art of making fireworks. Pyrotechnics
The art of elegant speech or writing. Rhetoric
The art of measuring land.  . Surveying
The art of preserving skins. Taxidermy
The application of practical sciences to industry or commerce. Technology
The study of animals. Zoology
An instrument for measuring electric current. Ammeter
An instrument for measuring the force or variation of the wind. Anemometer
An instrument for measuring air pressure. Barometer
An instrument which when put to both eyes enables a person to see distant objects as if they were near. Binoculars
An instrument for taking photographs. Camera
An instrument for recording revolutions. Gyrograph
An instrument for distinguishing precious stones. Lithoscope
An instrument for measuring gases. Manometer
An instrument for beating or keeping time during a musical performance. Metronome
An instrument for measuring minute distances. Micrometer

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