One word substitution–14

Continuing our tryst with our exploration of ‘one word substitution‘ list, we present more words as they keep coming. These words are intended to give the exact meaning of a sentence by a single word. These types of lists come pretty handy if you want to improve your vocabulary in English language.

All of one mind. Unanimous
Allowance due to a wife from her husband on separation. Alimony
An assembly of listeners. Audience
An assembly of worshippers. Congregation
An exact copy of handwriting,printing or a picture. Facsimile
An institution for education in arts and science. Polytechnic
An instrument for measuring temperature. Thermometer
An instrument for seeing distant objects. Telescope
An instrument used by physicians for listening to sounds of heart and lungs. Stethoscope
An order prohibiting ships to leave the ports. Embargo
An underground place for storing wine or other provisions. Cellar
Animals equally at home on land or in sea. Amphibians
Animals which carry their young ones in a pouch e.g.,kangaroo. Marsupials
Animals which give suckle to their your ones. Mammals
Animals which live in water. Aquatic
Any medicine which produces insensitivity. Anaesthetics
Applicable to widely scattered groups of people. Sporadic
Being unable to pay one’s debts. Insolvent/Bankrupt
Belonging to or pertaining to an individual from birth. Congenital
Belonging too all parts of the world. Universal/Cosmopolitan
Born of married parents. Legitimate
Born of unmarried parents. Illegitimate
Capable of being easily set on fire. Inflammable
Compulsory enlistment for military and others services. Conscription
Confinement to one place to avoid spread of infection. Quarantine
Deviation from the common rule or standard. Anomaly
Feeding on both animal and vegetable food i.e.  eating all kinds of food. Omnivorous
Give tit for tat. Retaliate
Goods brought into a country. Imports
Goods sent out of a country. Exports
Gradual recovery from illness. Convalescence
Having no beginning or end to its existence. Eternal

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