New Rajnikanth jokes from around the world

1. Rajnikanth does not think twice. He does not even think once. He simply does.

2. Rajnikanth was about to send an email. Then he decided he could run faster and deliver the message.

3. Once Rajnikanth fell from a cliff. He landed on the top.

4. Apple launches a new version/upgrade whenever Rajnikanth gets bored of his toys.

5. Rajnikanth eats rice with one chop-stick.

6. Rajnikanth uses pepper spray to clear his sinuses.

7. Rajnikanth’s heartbeat monitor is a vertical line.

8. Rajnikanth can win a chess game even after losing the king.

9. Rajnikanth builds a triangle with all the right angles. He is always right.

10. Rajnikanth keeps a watch over himself whenever he sleeps.

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