New Rajnikanth jokes

1. Once rajni kant was writing something very seriously.

Somebody asked him: “What are you writing?”

Rajnikanth told: “Main kismat ka kismat likh raha hoon.” (Submitted by Tanishq Kashyap)

2. Once Rajnikanth wanted to do rain dance.

That day, rain decided to fall without any water because it did not want to wet him.

3. Once Rajnikanth ordered a door to open and it did automatically.

An electronic engineer was watching all this drama.

That day, he designed a sensor-door so that others can also feel like Rajnikanth.

4. When Rajnikanth comes online for chat, everybody wants to go into the invisible mode.

5. When it really pains, Hamdard drink Rajni-jal instead of Sikara.

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