Names of Trees in Malayalam

Trees are found throughout the world, though the variety differs, which adds to the beauty of this planet earth. Knowing the names of trees in any language is a great asset for knowledge and understanding of the environment of that particular area.

We have provided a list of names of trees in Malayalam with pronunciation help in the Roman script so that users could pronounce the Malayalam names with ease.

Names of Trees in Malayalam
Photo by Tobias Aeppli
English Names of TreesMalayalam Names of TreesPronunciation Help
Spanish cherryഇലഞ്ഞിIlanji
Date palmഈന്തപ്പനEenthappana
Devil’s TreeഏഴിലംപാലEzhilam paala
Coconut Treeതെങ്ങ്Thengu
Palm treeപനPana
Mango treeമാവ്Maavu
Jackfruit treeപ്ലാവ്Plaavu
Golden shower treeകണിക്കൊന്നKanikkonna
Cashew treeകശുമാവ്Kashumaavu
Indian baelകൂവളംKoovalam
Java Plumഞാവല്‍Njaval
Indian gooseberryനെല്ലിമരംNellimaram

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