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Started in November 2006, the Mumbai Angels is a unique forum where its members may interact and exchange ideas and knowledge. The Mumbai Angels provides a unique platform to start up and very early stage companies by bringing them face to face with successful entrepreneurs, professionals and executives who are interested in and have the funds available to invest in start up companies.

Many members of Mumbai Angels have prior Silicon Valley experience. In addition to the capital of its members, the Mumbai Angels provides access to high quality mentoring, vast networks in India and abroad and inputs on strategy as well as execution.

Mumbai Angels are interested in a diverse range of sectors including:

  • IT products and services Business Process Outsourcing / Knowledge Process Outsourcing
  • Retail Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical
  • Internet Media and Entertainment
  • Telecommunication Consumer

in addition to any other area that interests the members.

The members of the Mumbai Angels typically consider investments of US$ 200,000 to US$ 500,000 and remaining as an investor in the company for a three to five year period prior to an exit pursuant to an initial public offering, trade sale or merger or acquisition. Larger investments may also be considered, although these may be in syndication with other groups of investors.


Our aim is to invest in and build great companies and, in so doing, benefit a wide variety of stakeholders, including founding executives, investors, customers, suppliers, and employees.

Mumbai Angels is recognized as an innovative business incubator and holding company. We provide our portfolio companies with a level of assistance that surpasses their highest expectations. Our network of relationships and our ability to leverage those relationships on behalf of our portfolio companies is unparalleled. Our people and our organization have come to represent the ideal business partner for entrepreneurs who wish to start and grow a new company. Our portfolio companies are recognized as “best in class” leaders within their respective industries.

The Mumbai Angels’ Journey

It started with a spark! Mumbai Angels founder members got together one fine day, and decided to organise themselves into a group of investors. For a long time, they had been deliberating, thinking, discussing ways to promote entrepreneurship in India. The aim was to provide financial assistance, mentoring and expert advise to startups and nurture them to growth.

What started with 10 investors (including founding members), 1 investee company (mkhoj – now inmobi) and 0 employees, has now grown into the most active and sought after early stage investment partner for startups. Within 3 years since inception, we now have 75 members, 17 investee companies (with 4 successful exits/funding), 2 employees and 5 interns to support the entrepreneurs.

Size has grown, but the spirit remains the same – go out of the way to support entrepreneurs!

(Shared by Mansi Shah)

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