Major applications of 3D printing


3D printing is growing by leaps and bounds as a technique used by many industries across the globe. Day by day, the usage of this technology is increasing, and the array of applications is widening. Right from manufacturing and medical industry, 3D printing technology is used in space, food, and even commercial sector involving various products.

Very lately, fashion designers have experimenting by creating 3D printed clothes and shoes of various shapes and uses. Prototyping in various industries already used 3D or additive manufacturing was already used, but now it is becoming popular for the mainstream processes as well.

Very recently, I heard an Indian student group got their 3D-printed satellite sent into the space by NASA–it seems, if you can envision it, you can 3D-print it. There is virtually no limit to the sector for which this technology could not be implemented.

One another application area that I find particularly attractive is cultural heritage—this technology is used for preservation and restoration of monuments, museums, and historical sites etc.

A lot of youngsters have their own personal 3D printers so that they could experiment for school and college projects. If you search for the most affordable 3D printer on Google, you will see ecommerce sites listing quite a number of such printers available for affordable prices. You will find even guides telling you how to pick up the best suitable 3D printer. This is all made possible just because of the vast utilization and prospective application of 3D printing technology.

As the application and utilization of 3D printing technology increases, I am sure the use of 3D printers will increase from industrial to commercial and then to domestic usage, where just like the normal paper printers, you will start seeing 3D printers in the rooms where there is a computer.

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