Maintain Good Posture All Day with These 5 Tips

Working women often find it difficult to maintain a proper posture all through the day. Whether your work involves sitting or standing for a long time, naturally you are going to get fatigued and will want to slouch. Though slouching is common with all of us, studies show that bad postures can lead to depression, suck out your energy and impact a good circulation. Hence poor postures are linked to severe health hazards in the long run. Here are five good ways to maintain a proper posture all day long.

Maintain Good Posture All Day with These 5 Tips

Do some simple desk exercises

There are a few simple desk exercises you can do at regular intervals to make yourself comfortable if your work involves sitting for a long time.

Sit upright and lift the arms overhead maintaining your elbows in a straight position. With interlaced fingers, bend slowly to your right and left.

Cross your left leg over the right one. Also, cross the body placing the right arm over the left leg. Look beyond your left shoulder and twist your body slightly. The same thing has to be repeated for the other side.

Stretch the left leg with the toes pointed forward. Then turn the toes upward. Repeat this for five to ten times and do the same thing with the other leg.

Move around in regular intervals

If you have to sit for a long time in your desk, it will feel like hell. Many of the body parts will get sore or numb. This can lead to reduced blood flow to certain parts, weakening of abdominal muscles, tinning of bones and reduction in overall life expectancy. Mini-walks amidst your schedule can relieve you and refresh you. Prefer bathrooms that are far away, take stairs for climbing and look forward to chances to move out a bit.

Procure the right kind of shoes

People who have to stand all day at work feel they need shoes with cushions. Though this is true to an extent, know that a good support to your feet is what is more important. By wearing a shoe with a flat cushion, you will end up with ankle pain and sore arches. Also, a cushion effect under your feet will increase a tendency to be lazy. Prefer those shoes that will give you anatomical support by letting you maintain a straight posture. The best choice is harder shoes that have a rigid arch, metatarsal and cupped support for the heels. Check this website for more information on shoes.

Think of using a lumbar support pillow

Those who need to sit all day long will find a lumbar support pillow provide a great support to the spine. This accessory can ensure that you get to the correct position whenever you sit down. A rolled up or folded towel can also provide a quick fix.

The right posture for your legs

While you are seated on a chair at work, the best posture for your legs is placing it flat on the ground. Sticking out the legs in front of you or crossing the legs is never the advisable posture over long periods of time.

It’s easy

You will notice that all the above tips are quite easy to do and you can incorporate the suggestions quite effortlessly in your daily life. If you are serious about maintaining your fitness and good posture, you will make all the efforts to make sure that you adopt the best advice possible and follow a healthy lifestyle.

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