Latest Rajnikanth jokes on football

1. Once Rajnikanth hit the ball so hard that it bounced back from the net of the goal of the opposite team and hit his own goal’s net. After much confusion, the referee had to declare a player off-side.

2. When Rajnikanth plays football, opposite team’s players wear Cricket batting pads on their legs. The goalkeeper wears a wicket-keeper’s gloves also.

3. All the moons that revolve around various planets in the solar system are footballs gone astray hit by Rajnikanth in the ground.

4. Rajnikanth has scored maximum of his goals when he played as a goalie. His kicks shoot directly from one goal to another.

5. When Rajnikanth plays football, nobody talks about Rajnikanth Jokes rather about Rajnikanth Strokes.

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