Interview with Saba Karim: The Indian Cricket Team's Wicketkeeper

He was one of the few players from Patna who made to Indian National Cricket Team and delivered his best before destiny struck and he was hurt in his eye.

Nobody in his family had played Cricket before him but his father had always wanted that his children should play Cricket. Saba was picked as a wicketkeeper while he replaced a senior team in a camp where his brother was taking part. The coach recommended to his father that he should take to wicketkeeping and practice.

It was with a lot of hard work and patience that Saba Karim was able to make it to the Indian team and perform.

He was rated as one of finest wicketkeepers of his times and was also a very handy batsman. Unfortunately, while playing in Bangladesh, a delivery struck his eye and cut short his professional career though he kept playing and trying. He has kept his touch with Cricket as a reviewer.

We present a telephonic interview with Saba.

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