Interview with Raj Bhatt–Founder of is the Middle East’s leading dedicated hospitality website for experienced and entry-level hospitality professionals. From hospitality jobs in Dubai to chief engineer positions in Europe and store manager jobs in the U.S., job seekers can search for employment opportunities all over the world in this fast-growing industry. In addition to listing hospitality and hotel jobs in Middle East to the Americas, the website also provides an effective platform for hospitality community networking and brand advertising for top hospitality companies and suppliers.

Raj Bhatt

Headquartered in Dubai and used by leading employers and recruiters to broadcast job vacancies in Dubai and across the globe, specializes in matching top candidates with attractive opportunities. Candidates who are interesting in positions with hospitality suppliers, airlines, retail stores, or other positions in the UAE and beyond can also use to keep up with the latest industry news and information, as well as customize their CVs with the site’s professional design services. is a subsidiary of VR ONLINE PORTAL, a company incorporated in Dubai to cater to the growing needs of the hospitality industry.

We had an email interview with Raj Bhatt:

Q1. How you thought about starting What was it that gave you the impetus?

After having worked with the hospitality industry for over 15 years, I always wanted to do something which helps the industry I am attached with and understand so well…While recruiting for the hospitality industry in Dubai, I felt that a good website for the hospitality industry was necessary where professionals can come together and get benefited.

Q2. What were the requirements that you had to fulfill to make it fully functional: infrastructure, IT, logistics, team members, etc?

We already had a background in hospitality and recruitments so the idea was concrete. To execute it, we had to find good web developers who could put our ideas into action, we started with a development company in India and then shifted to one of the largest job board software in UK. This helped us in providing the latest features through our sites. We also started a dedicated hospitality networking group website and are now moving to our third venture Hozpitalityplus Events. We did not need a huge team as our business is online.

Q3. Who are your customers and whom you are targeting?

We are a hospitality targeted business and everyone associated with hospitality/customer service business is our client/member.

Q4. What is your business model? is a hospitality website where online recruitment is the major activity. We charge clients/consultants to post positions on the site and free service to candidates. Apart from jobs we have many more features like advertisements, announcements, news, hotel/travel bookings, suppliers section, CV designing etc..This makes it a complete hospitality website. is a dedicated hospitality networking group where professionals come together and network. There is so much that they can do here like, Create groups, Photos, Videos, Blogs, Discussions, News, Jobs, Suppliers listings, Events, Birthdays and much more.

Hozpitalityplus Events is created to provide platform where hospitality professionals come together to meet and share best practices.

Q5. What about the competition–how you beat it and what is unique in your brand?

We are the fastest growing hospitality company in ME and Asia as we are different in everything we do. We giver personal touch to all our clients/members and we are very active in the market. We are trying to create one stop shop for the hospitality industry.

Q6. Do you feel innovation has a value in your business?

Yes, of course, since we are in an international market, we have to keep bringing in new ideas into our business. We have to find new ways to keep members interested in coming back to us again and again.

Q7. How you market your products/services?

Word of mouth is the most important tool, satisfied clients/members promote us.We also use email marketing as a very effective tool. The networking website also helps us in marketing our services. Apart from that we participate in all hospitality trade show like ATM, The Hotel Show, WTM, Careers fair etc.

We are media partners to The Hotel Show, Dubai and IHIF (International Hotel Investment Forum, Asia pacific). We plan to sign up more such partnerships in near future.

Q8. What is the scope of expansion and what is your vision about it?

We want to make our group as one stop shop for the hospitality industry. With our website, networking group and Events group we are reaching there, next is a hospitality publication and then may be hospitality media.

Q9. How you personally grew as an entrepreneur?

I have learnt a lot as an entrepreneur, It made me more confident and proactive person. Everyday is a different day and comes with new challenges.

Q10. Any hard lesson that you learned as an entrepreneur?

Yes start up is not easy and specially when you start from scratch. You have to be patient and results do not show quickly.

Q11. Any advice for future entrepreneurs from your personal and professional experience.

I feel it is very important to be patient and confident. You should not be scared of competition, if you are good you will certainly get there. If you know what you have to do Just do it and be patient.Results will come !!!

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