Interview with Michael Carew–Director of myTVR


What is myTVR?

myTVR is a remote based PVR (personal video recorder) that includes a TV Guide, hard disk storage space and a media player. Think of myTVR as a virtual PVR allowing you to record TV programs available through the TV guide and store them for personal viewing as they are recording or at a more convenient time. You can access the TV guide to record and playback on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod touch V2 and media enabled Nokia mobile phones. We do expect to support other handsets at a later date. Please check our FAQ on data usage before you start using myTVR.

About Michael Carew:

Michael CarewMichael is the founder of myTVR and theCreche projects. Over the last 25 years, Michael has established companies and relationships both locally and internationally allowing him to work with people across many nationalities. Michael’s experience ranges from Mentor, Coach, inventor to business developer, strategist and investor, he brings these learning’s and expertise to you.

Michael as founder and CEO with his team tripled (ASX) Freshtel’s share price before Michael stepped aside from the CEO role in December 2006 gaining Freshtel a market cap of over AU$100ml.

Michael was responsible for architecting Freshtel’s white label business model, establishing the relationship with Tesco one of the world’s largest retailers and spearheading the creation of Freshtel’s converged mobile technology released in 2008.

We had an email interview with Michael about his ventures and his journey as a serial entrepreneur.

Q1. How you came with the idea of starting myPVR: what was the clicking point?

My wife asked me to set the PVR (Personal Video Recorder) on the home TV and after much frustration, I gave up and started thinking of how to develop an easier way to record and store TV on the fly, and with as little fuss as possible.

Michael CarewQ2. Who are your customers or targeted audience? What is the market size of this business?

The target audience is everyone who hasn’t got the time to sit down and watch TV at home or doesn’t possess a TV set, most people like to snack on TV these days fit in a bit of TV when they can. myTVR is basically a cloud based storage service that allows people though the use of a EPG (electronic program guide) record and store TV or any other available footage for viewing at a more convenient time.

Q3. What is your business strategy that you follow?

Good point, firstly is it unique, does it make sense, how will it generate income, everything must generate an income stream, have the right people in your team, do not create something that is the same as everyone else (create a niche by differentiating) be curious and take the calculated risk you need to be prepared to back yourself.
Q4. What uniqueness you bring to your customers to make it a memorable experience?

Simplicity and something unique.

Q5. What you feel is the value of innovation in your business?

Intelligent innovation is absolutely critical, you need to have a curious and innovative approach to your business and stay agile.

Q6. What is the scope of expansion and what is your vision about it?

In relation to myTVR the vision is global, the systems architecture have been created in a way to be modular and can be foot printed anywhere as a license model for Telos and large ISP’s.

Q7. Talking about your personal growth as a serial entrepreneur, how has been the journey so far?

My journey is listed

I have been on this journey for 25 years and it is an amazing learning experience through the years, I have been lucky enough to have developed and patented many technologies over the years and lucky enough to list on the Stock exchange, being an entrepreneur can be a great experience if you are always curious and remain motivated and true to your vision.

Q8. Tell us about your other ventures including theCreche.

Please read this article saves me some writing It is all like a big game of chess trying to calculate what comes next and I am sure it is different for everyone, I have met some great people and seen many countries and faraway places and travelled in some conditions that defied my better judgement but in all I have never regrated any part of it.

Q9. Any hard lesson that you learnt as an entrepreneur?

There are no hard lessons, but there are great learning’s, always make your own decision, that way you can only blame yourself and never expect anything from anyone and then even the smallest gift is greatly appreciated.

Q10. Any advice for future entrepreneurs from your personal and professional experience.

RRR research, research, research and try not to play in the backyard of others, be innovative and ahead of the market and never expect anyone to back you unless you can back yourself. If you believe in yourself do not allow others to create doubt in you, be strong and take those closest to you on the journey you may need their support when the going gets tough and it does.

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