Interview with Harish Reddy, Head-APAC, LeadFormix

Marketing automation is a highly specialized segment where companies like to analyze the visitor’s behavior and create an automated process whereby sales could be generated. It takes a whole lot of back-end intelligence to create a program that can map website-visitor’s intent, deriving actionable intelligence to convert a visitor into a qualified lead and subsequently into an opportunity. Without doubt, if such an automated process is created, it helps the companies to bridge a gap between marketing and sales.

LeadFormix is one such company that provides B2B marketing automation platform.

Harish Reddy, Head - APAC, LeadFormixWe had an email interview with Harish, Head-APAC, LeadFormix.

Q1. Tell us about LeadFormix. How it leads your clients to make a difference in their marketing strategy?

LeadFormix is a marketing automation 2.0 platform which helps B2B companies align their Marketing & Sales functions and objectives. As a tool it not only assists marketing in optimizing their strategy and marketing investments, but also enables the sales professionals to gain insight into their leads and use a more personalized approach, when pitching to them.

LeadFormix’s biggest differentiator is its patent pending, ‘Intent Inference Technology’ which helps measure the intent of an enterprise visitor to a website with LeadFormix code in it. How this helps the marketing is that now they know the intent of a lead which came to their site, they can accordingly customize their marketing campaigns, lead nurturing campaigns as per the needs and intent expressed by the lead when on the site. LeadFormix, also helps marketers see, which are the marketing channels which are bringing them the business leads (SEO, PPC, Social media etc.) and then accordingly increase their resource investment in those areas, ensuring better ROI for their marketing investments.

Q2. What made you tap the B2B market only and skip the B2C version?

We use reverse IP detection technology to identify the source of a lead. It is easier to track and monitor enterprises than individual IP addresses as is the case with B2C visitors.

Q3. Given that you provide marketing solutions, share with our readers how you market your business to prospective clients?

No amount of marketing jargon can help you see and experience the benefits of our product in its entirety. Hence we offer our prospects a 14-day free trial with no-obligations attached. The quality of data and insight they get in these 14 days becomes the basis of their purchase decision. Of course to create brand awareness, we do engage regular marketing channels like – PR, social media, SEO, SEM marketing etc. but our biggest marketing asset is our product itself, which is intuitive, technologically advanced and rarely fails to impress the user.

Q4. Do you focus some specific areas of business while marketing your platform to your customers? I mean what type of clients you like to serve.

Yes we are very focused on B2B Companies. These companies will find our solution to be most effective. Any B2B Company in any domain or industry space can use our product. Currently, we cater to clients who are from the Technology, Outsourcing, Health and finance sector.

Q5. What is the value of social media in B2B marketing strategy and how LeadFormix caters to this value?

We believe social media should be intrinsic to every B2B Marketing Strategy. At LeadFormix, we actively use social media to build awareness, engage with our users and prospects and also to generate leads.

The only way LeadFormix can add value to a company’s Social media strategy is by using our technology in pointing towards the right channels, which work for a company, especially for those, who use Social media as lead generation resource.

Q6. Which country has maximum number of users of LeadFormix portal and why is it so?

LeadFormix has the maximum number of clients in the US. It is so because the marketing automation solutions are more popular in the US, companies are more aware and use it as a necessary enterprise tool there to increase their productivity and efficiency. Secondly, we first launched the product in its beta stage in the US so we have been around in the US longer. In India LeadFormix was launched only in July this year, considering the short time and the lack of awareness for such technology in India, the response has been phenomenal and India is fast becoming our fastest growing market, followed by UK.

Q7. Does LeadFormix cater to companies with some minimum turnover figure also?

We cater to all kind of B2B companies, who own a website of their own, irrespective of their turnover or company size.

Q8. Does LeadFormix have a plan to cater to the needs of early startups or small scale entrepreneurs?

A lot of our current clients are start-ups. This technology is great of start-ups who are always in a resource crunch situation. The technology helps start-ups use their websites as a primary source for Lead Generation. They can also ensure that they only invest their limited resources on marketing channels that provide them with the most returns. We also have special packages for Start-ups and small scale entrepreneurs which are tailor made and priced to fit their needs.

Q9. How much value is given to innovation by LeadFormix?

Lots, I would say. Our Product and engineering teams are constantly working and launching new features which make the process of lead management and sales enablement more intuitive and convenient for our users. We have a release almost every month.

Q10. Talking about future, is LeadFormix looking to diversify the market?

We have plans to venture into B2B Lead Exchange Platform. Neutral venues like the forums, groups, blogs, community sites attract relevant and quality audience based on the content on their sites and these content publisher sites generate revenue by means of advertisements on their sites. With LeadFormix exchange platform, they can generate additional revenue stream by qualifying their visits into leads based on the intent and appropriately exchanging them with non-publishers who are interested to prospect these leads for their business.

Q11. Any lesson or tip you would like to share with our readers from your personal or professional experience?

There is no one formula which defines success for a product/solution. It is about the ability to try multiple things constantly, and adapt based on the learnings.

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