Interview with Baichung Bhutia: The face of Indian Football

He surprises people when he displays his football skills–people outside his country can’t believe that India can produce such a lovely striker.

But why?

Football, though very popular at the junior level, has seldom seen any performance by the senior players at the international arena and there is hardly any point where India could boast about. In other games, however, India continues to perform at the international level but football has never

However, Baichung Bhutia, born in Sikkim where Football remains a popular game, made it clear that he wants to play the game with all that he has. No wonder that his zeal and his dedication made him the first and only player in India to play in the English league. He played for Bury club.

He is felicitated with Padmashree and Arjuna Award and football great M. Vijayan describes him as “God’s gift to Indian football”.

We present a telephonic interview with Baichung.

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