How to write Sanskrit consonant from English–ट

It’s fun if you know how to read and write Devanagari letters because it helps in the study of Yoga, meditation, mantra, and even in travel if you are not from India.

People who want to learn Devanagari script, they will find this very useful because only using English letters, we can learn how to make these consonants.

The letter we are going to learn today in ट, which is commonly used in Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi and even Punjabi language.

Please note that there is a dot underneath it according the pronunciation scheme. If you know the transliteration followed for Sanskrit, the pronunciation position for this letter is 3rd.

It’s the 21st consonant of Devanagari alphabet. It has a hard sound and is very close the sound of ‘T’ in English itself. But it is always good if you practice some Indian words to get the clarity of its sound.

Sanskrit consonant from English

To draw this letter, join ‘T’ with ‘C’ of English. There is no other addition or change that you need to make.

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