How to Use Old CardBoard as Drawing Supply for Kids

Drawing is an activity that kids find pretty interesting–in the initial years of their schooling, they want to just draw and paint at every flat surface that they can find–be it your freshly painted walls, your computer desk, the curtains your wife carefully selected, and even the tablecloth of your guest room. They will keep marching here and there with brushes, crayons, pencils and even sharp items if they could put their hands on them to express themselves.

Yes, drawing at that age is all about expressing.

If you provide them with drawing books, sheets, and proper drawing supply they will prefer tearing it down or not use it at all. This is where I found the old cardboard pieces as an excellent and somehow a curious drawing supply for the kids.


These cardboards can be cut from your the sweet-boxes your relatives gave, the grocery items you received from the local merchant or online portals including Amazon and Flipkart, or any other similar box that you otherwise would sell to the scrap dealer for recycling.

Worry not, you will still be able to recycle your cardboard if you choose to.

My daughter, who is in the 1st grade, found it very interesting and she started using these cardboard pieces as the canvas for her watercolors. I am sharing a couple of simple drawings that she made and felt happy about it.

Watercolor Drawing of kids


And another one in progress:

Watercolor Drawing

You can choose to keep these drawings or sell them once the child is over.

I found it very effective in making children not color your walls or other material and still use the scrap material for something creative. Further, because the cardboard is thicker than a paper, the child finds it easier to draw.

Share your feedback if you try!

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