How to make a cheap iPhone at home: avoid huge costs

So, you have been thinking of trying your fingers on the soft touch of an iPhone?

What kept you from doing so–price? Yes, most of the users, who are still not able to grab an iPhone, complain about the costs that are mounting with every new release of this super gadget due to increased features and options.

So, what if I tell you how to make a cheap iPhone at home using some economic gadgets but still be able to use all the features? If you are curious, here it goes.

Nokia Lumia 520Avoid buying an iPhone: Buy an iPod Touch with Nokia Lumia

Well, this may sound very irrational and illogical but this is how I am using it. I love the touch of an Apple gadget but price does not let me have one. However, iPod Touch is still in the budget and I have a 16GB white color (4th Gen) iPod.

What an iPod does not offer: Unlike an iPhone, it does not offer me the call facility. Apart from this, I have not come across that I can’t do with an iPod but can with an iPhone. If I have an option of wi-fi connection available, I can use all features of the internet too.

iPod TouchSo, what I did: I bought a Nokia Lumia 520, which allows me wi-fi tethering. This gives me internet capabilities for the iPod. I can make a call using my Nokia Lumia 520 and at the same time enjoy all the features of an iPhone barring call facility.

Buying Nokia Lumia is not a must–buy any phone that allows you wi-fi tethering (in simple terms allow wi-fi hotspot).

This way, you will be able to enjoy all the features of an iPhone with cheap prices.

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