Hindi Poem on Good Children for Class 1

Here’s another poem in the Hindi language for kids of 1st grade or lower. It’s a short and sweet poem showing that kids are innocent and obedient and agrees with whatever their elders tell them to.

I wrote it yesterday observing my daughter taking milk while we were enjoying the winter sun in our house. Though she is very naughty and does not listen to her mother or me, this poem suits the children so that they could start doing it.

If you feel like, you can use it for any school activity or competition.

Hindi Poem for Kids


सुबह उठ कर जल्दी से

पापा को जगाते हैं

धूप में बैठ कर

दूध मलाई खाते हैं

जैसे मम्मी कहती है

वैसे करते जाते हैं

सबका कहना माने हम

अच्छे बाल कहलाते हैं


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