Hacks to Save On Vacation Costs

We would all love to take vacations more often. The budget, however, always tends to get in the way. With these few hacks, you can make this possible and you will soon be enjoying yourself in one of the world’s largest hotel chains like The Holiday Inn.

1. Capitalize On Exchange Rates

Exchange rates make a great impact on your vacation costs. Looking for destinations with favorable exchange rates could go a long way towards significantly reducing your vacation costs. It is especially important when you do not have a preference in vacation.

destinations. Identify destinations in countries where their local currency is relatively weaker to yours. You should, however, note that such countries may be in an unstable economic or political situation hence the weaker currency. If that is the case, avoid putting yourself in harm’s way just for the sake of saving on costs. If it isn’t, the case, capitalizing on the favorable exchange rates is indeed a smart move.

2. Stay Informed

Consider signing up for steady and consistent travel notifications to keep you informed on the developments. There are a lot of travel-related deals that may not be widely advertised and could easily pass you by. Signing up for email notifications from your favorite travel partner and other free newsletters is a smart way to get the information in a timely manner while it still matters. These notifications and newsletters get you informed on the deal details in terms of fare ranges, package descriptions, dates of travel and how soon the deal expires. Some of them are even topped up with special promo codes that will further cut down on your costs. These kinds of notifications also communicate last-minute deals which are generally cheaper.

3. Price Alerts

You should consider setting price alerts for hotels and flights of your interest. Every time there is a change in either of their rates, you directly get an email notification. This is usually immediate and therefore gives you ample time to act accordingly. This feature is even better as it allows you to set thresholds within which you are comfortable. By doing so, you only get informed on the changes tailored to you. This reduces the number of irrelevant emails in your inbox.

4. Flexibility on Flights

A small change in your travel plans can go a long way towards saving your vacation costs. There are several hacks that you can use here to save your precious dime. For instance, flying midweek instead of weekends or holidays will get you cheaper rates. Midweek is usually the cheapest time to travel! Connecting flights, although sometimes inconvenient, is also another way to cut down on your costs. Flying with stops is relatively cheaper as compared to making direct flights. Consider using popular booking search engines like Kayak and Vayama to compare the rates on periods before and after your preferred travel date. You might be surprised with your findings!

5. Travel Light

Traveling lighter, especially with family can save a bundle. Airlines nowadays charge for virtually everything and any additional package means an additional cost. They tend to charge you more especially if you have more than one bag. To limit the number of your travel bags, consider using a bigger-sized one that can conveniently pack most of your needs within one package. However, in the spirit of packing light, do not exclude weather-appropriate wear, hygiene items, and other essentials.

6. Eat Smart

Food can easily bloat your travel budget if you do not carefully watch out. You can avoid this by utilizing a few of these tips:

  • Pack your own drinks and snacks while traveling – Remember to keep healthy though.
  • Split meals – Sometimes the hotel servings could be too much, especially for kids. Splitting such meals is quite economic.
  • Avoid eating on tourists streets – They are known to be notoriously expensive.

7. Capitalize On Coupons, Promo Codes, and Loyalty Programs

You can get more savings by finding flights with promo codes which are relatively cheaper. Joining loyalty programs rewards you with not only cheaper flights but also other perks such as car rentals and nightly stays. Coupons, on the other hand, saves money and you should always take advantage of them.

Vacation costs are continually on the rise. Enjoying a nice one doesn’t come cheaply. It is now important to adequately budget for one. Involving the smart hacks mentioned above will help you get the most out of your vacation.

8. Consider Holiday Rental Property

A vacation ownership (timeshare) scheme might help you stretch your holiday spending. That’s because you’ll spend a fraction of what you would on traditional travel while simultaneously getting the best deal on top-notch hotels all over the world. Aside from price, you’ll like flexible scheduling, a vast range of lodgings to suit any size group, and unrivaled customization options. According to Wyndham Destinations, the world’s largest vacation ownership and exchange company, nearly half of Americans estimate they will spend more than $80,000 on vacations in their lifetime. There is, however, a better way to vacation, one that Millennials love: timeshare ownership. It’s simple to break out of your Wyndham timeshare contract if you’ve only had it for a few days. 

Many people want to cancel their Wyndham timeshares because they have grown too expensive. If you are one of these people, you have to learn how to write a Wyndham timeshare cancellation letter. The corporation uses strange point programs to try to hide expenditures. But, in a nutshell, a Wyndham timeshare costs $21,000 on average. Then there are the annual maintenance payments, which amount to around $725. But it’s still a massive amount to pay from month to month! When family finances fluctuate over time, it can become a painful expense to pay.

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