Gujarati Names of Spices

Spices add flavor to our life and food becomes tasty, though there is no denying that a lot of spices are beneficial for our health also. India is famous for its spices and also the taste of food rendered by them. The State of Gujarati is never behind when it comes to the unique flavor of food items. Gujarati names of spices are provided in the list below along with the Roman transliteration for users who can’t read the Gujarati script.

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Names of Spices
Gujarati NamesTransliteration
Cassia barkકાસિયા છાલKasia Chhal
Black pepperકાળા મરીKala Mari
Nutmeg જાયફળJayfal
Mustard seedsસરસવના બીજSarsv Bij
Nigella seedsનિગેલા બીજNigela Beej
Black saltકાળો મીઠુંKalo Meethu
Dry ginger powderસૂકા આદુ પાવડરSukha Aadu Pavdar
Curry Leavesમીઠો લીંબડોMitho Limbdo

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