Gujarati Names of Baby Animals

Knowledge of various animals’ names in any language is a handy one when you are looking to learn that language, however, it is not that easy to get to know the names of baby animals in any language. Often, speaker of a particular language themselves do not know the exact names of baby animals.

Keeping that in mind, we have tried to compile Gujarati names of baby animals for you. For easy understanding, we have provided the Roman transliteration also so that users who can’t understand Gujarati script could get to know how to pronounce the names.

If you have any question, feedback or suggestion, shoot through the comment section.

Names of Baby AnimalsGujarati NamesTransliteration
Kittenબિલાડીનું બચ્ચુંBiladnu bachchu
Cubસિહં,રીંછ, વરુ, શિયાળ
કે વાઘનું બચ્ચું
Sinh, Rikchh, Varu, Shiyar ke Vaaghnu bachchu
Foalઘોડાનું બચ્ચુંGhodanu Bachchu
Lamb મેમનોMemno
Tadpoleમેંઢકનું બચ્ચુંMendhaknu bachchu

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