Grammatical issues while picking keywords for online startups

While picking up keywords for web-startups or online ventures, entrepreneurs are often confused about the grammatical issues. Often they think that the plural and singular forms of the keywords would have same number traffic, which clearly is not the case.

With the change in numbers, the traffic changes drastically. Let’s have a direct peek on a case which throws some light on this issue.

If you type “Hindi Joke” as the keyword, you get 1000 searches in a month from India. But if you type “Hindi Jokes”, you get 74 times more traffic, which is huge. The number shows drastic (almost 74 times) increase in the traffic from India if we add “s” to the keyword “Hindi Joke”. Obviously, an entrepreneur developing an online venture related to Hindi jokes would like to target this keyword first. Perhaps this should be considered while choosing the domain name also. (!)

Now, we come to the second case where a very big keyword (becomes key phrase) has to be picked. Grammar could really make the difference.

Go for US traffic. If you type “What does my name mean”, it gives you around 550,000 searches in a month. At the same time, if you search for “what my name means”, the traffic volume comes down to only a meager 4400.

Obviously, it becomes utterly necessary for web starters and entrepreneurs to brainstorm over the choice of keywords that they might be making while starting their online venture and planning to spend some budget for its optimization on some targeted keywords.

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  1. Well said. But catering to US or worldwide traffic makes sense only if your product or service focuses on them. Plural of a keyword can surely make a difference in the no. of local or US/worldwide searches, but care should be taken to see how targeted is the keyword. Sometimes more searches means less targeted traffic, hence lower CTRs and conversions. Conversions can be more even with lesser searches, if they are more targeted

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