Golf Club Selection for Women

Choosing the right golf club can be a daunting task given the baffling varieties of golf clubs you are likely to find on the market today. Here is a short guide on what to expect in a good golf club and how to find the best golf club for women.

What to look for in the best golf club

The golf club you choose must be able to help you enhance your performance. Hence the aspects you must look for in the best golf clubs for women include the following. The shafts must be light in weight. Find out if there is a spacious sweet spot on the club face. The higher the loft, it is better for you. Never go for generic clubs, instead look for the ones that are specially made for women. It is good to settle with hybrids instead of long irons. If the golf club fulfills all these specifications in the first place, you are with the right golf club to start with.

Golf club you choose must be able to increase your swing speed

  • Though there is no universal rule that men are better than women in golf, studies show that men do have a better swing speed than women. While using a lighter shaft, you will see encouraging results with your swing speed.
  • Graphite shafts make a better choice than the metal ones. Shafts made especially for women have more bend to launch the ball farter. Titanium heads provide a lighter and larger space for the balls to achieve a quicker speed.
  • Three-wood drivers can make you feel teeing less difficult. Go for adjustable drivers in which you can adjust the loft, face angle, and the lie of the club by partially rotating the shaft. It is possible to make simple adjustments to the drivers and make them suit your needs when your game evolves.
  • While long golf irons are thoroughly unsuitable for the golf courses, it is advisable to go for a blend of iron and wood or hybrid kind of golf clubs that make it easy to hit enabling you to achieve a better contact with the golf ball.

Tips to choose the best golf club for women

  • The golf clubs must be tailored especially for women’s swing to achieve a better swing rate.
  • Women who are heading for a start with golf must choose an affordable golf club. Usually, some good clubs made by reputed brands and priced affordably tend to be a bit heavier than the more expensive varieties. Nevertheless, it is not good to overspend on your first set of clubs. You can go for more expensive clubs only when you get to the level where you find the game highly maddening.
  • If you are 5’2 in height or under, it is best to avoid the golf clubs designed for taller women. In case you find a good one meant for taller women, get it adjusted to fit your height. This is very much necessary since the height of the club will impact the balance of the club.
  • Since there is a golf club that can work best for your particular case, it is always good to find the best club that is right for you.

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