Goa – the most exciting Scuba Diving Location of India

Goa is one of the hotly pursued destinations in India for scuba diving. Reviews from diving enthusiasts highlight the inimitable advantages of Scuba in Goa. The most pleasant surrounding environment and the diverse kinds of coral and fish species underwater add more flavor to the already alluring scuba diving experience at Goa. A number of professional scuba diving companies based in Goa facilitate a hassle free and a top class scuba diving experience to the lovers of the sport. Whether you are a beginner or an adept in scuba diving, you have got your day at this nature’s paradise for an involved sport.

The incentive to scuba divers

The Arabian Sea adjoining the coastline at Goa conceals in it a lot of wrecked vessel remains of different periods in history such as the ships of the Second World War Times. This is a surprising and rare kind of incentive to scuba divers here. Also, the great underwater visibility and the baffling variety of corals and fauna at this place are additional incentives to the scuba divers.

The season for scuba diving at Goa

The eight months period stretching between October and May is the best time for scuba diving at Goa. Different travel agencies provide diverse kinds of tour packages to Grand Island also enabling the visitors with an exciting chance to try scuba diving here.

The perfect place at Goa for scuba diving

Located just a few kilometers west of Mormugao peninsula in South Goa, Grand Island is deemed the scuba diving center of Goa. This is also a famous spot for treasure hunters. Some of the famed locations for scuba diving at Grand Island include Suzy’s Wreck (4 to 15 meters deep), Davy Jones Lockers (15 meters deep), Sail Rock (20 meters deep), Turbo Tunnel (7meters deep and highly suitable for learners), Bounty Bay (9 meters), Surge City (9 metrs) and Uma Guma Reef (15 meters). Therefore with all its incredible advantages, Goa has got a large number of exciting scuba locations for the tourists. You will also love other dive locations like SS Mary, a ship built in 1948 at England and quaint coral bay and reef surrounding the Island.

How to reach Grand Island

Visitors enjoy diverse kinds of leased water transportation to the Grand Island. A boat drive from Benaulim or Bogmalo resorts to Grand Island takes about 20 minutes and from Don Paula city resort, you will have to sail for about 40 minutes. Note that Goa is a military base for the Indian Navy and therefore time to time we find military training exercise conducted here.

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