Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Identification: when the work will be going on and there is indication of time. The time of the sentence is future.

1. I shall have been doing this work since morning.
2. He will have been studying for his examinations.

Helping verbs used: shall have been, will have been

Affirmative: use of shall has been with I and we; use of will have been with plural noun, you and I:

1. I shall have been doing my work after reaching home.

2. She will have been teaching in the school after coming back from vacations.

Negative: use of shall have not been, will have not been

1. I shall have not been doing my work due to my injury.

2. She will have not been teaching here before September.

Interrogative: use of shall or will at the beginning of the sentence

1. Will you have been going to school before your father joins you?

2. Shall we have been working on this project before our manager orders us?

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