Flower names in Sanskrit

Flower names in Sanskrit

Looking to know the flower names in Sanskrit? You have landed on the right page and you will come to know the names of these flowers in Sanskrit, English, and Hindi. At the same time, if you feel you want to know the flower names in Sanskrit of any other one, you can write to us through the comment section and we will reply.

Also, if you know the names of any flowers in Sanskrit which are not covered in this post, you can share with us for the benefit of other users.

Flower names in Sanskrit

Sanskrit Names of FlowersEnglish Names of FlowersHindi Names of Flowers
पुष्पम्, सुमनः, कुसुमम्Flowerफूल
जातीपुष्पम्, नवमल्लिका, मल्लीJasmineचमेली
सहस्त्रपत्रम्, उत्पलम्, शतपत्रम्Lotusकमल
जाम्भजम्Orange Blossomनारङ्गी
विकचम्, सफुटम्, प्रफुल्लम्, विकसितम्Blossomed Flowerखिला फूल
म्लानम्Withered Flowerमुरझाया फूल

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