Few Lines on Air Pollution for Class 2

The idea of sharing these few lines on air pollution came to my mind when my daughter, who is a 2nd Grader, got the assignment to prepare few lines on the topic of pollution and environment during her summer vacations so that she could memorize them and participate in the declamation which will be held later on.

It is not difficult to write on this topic however, the catch is to write for a kid. At the level of Grade 2, it is not easy to make them understand the words that may be specific to the industry, and also make them understand what they actually are speaking.

Therefore, I tried to prepare the lines from the daily routine which the kids could relate to. You can use these lines if your kid is in 2nd or 3rd Grade. Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions too.

Few Lines on Air Pollution for Class 2

“If we notice in our daily lives, we add to the air pollution.

We do not walk or use bicycles. We burn petrol using our motorbikes and cars.

We cut trees but do not plant new ones.

We use more paper than required which is made of trees.

We have forgotten to live with nature. 

Making all the machines, gadgets, and tools add to air pollution through gases. 

It’s our duty to reduce the usage of paper and fuel and to plant more trees.

Let’s decide today that we will do that!”


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