Fastest method to fly to US from India

I was traveling to Noida from my office in Gurgaon when a conversation caught my eyes: “This questions looks vague or stands unsolvable”, one of my co-traveler remarked. I was intrigued and tuned myself to overhear what they were discussing.

An interest or curiosity had certainly arisen in me. A question stands unsolvable? Let’s hear it.

I penetrated the talk by asking: “May I know what is it?”

The questioner asked one of the co-travelers, who had tried her brain out, to explain me what was the question. She did.

The airlines take around 19 hours to travel from India to US by direct flight. If we have something hung up above the geographical position of India on earth, with the help of earth’s rotation, that thing will be above US in 12 hours. Isn’t it? Then why we don’t take that route?

On its onset, the question does not look very striking because in an air-travel, there are many other activities that a plane has to perform, among them is the speed of the aircraft.

But anyways, the question arises another question: could it be economical to have something suspended in air for like 12 hours, or perhaps assist it in the relative motion of earth’s rotation than taking a flight as we do right now?

Well, I am not sure because planes are not heard of to stay still in air as helicopters could do. Harrier is one the examples.

The idea could not be very feasible for passenger planes though because it needs very extended testing. But perhaps, something can be tried out.

A question often gives rise to another one…

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