Entrepreneurship is like love marriage

Entrepreneurship is definitely like love marriage. In India, because more than 90 percent marriages are arranged, youngsters are more inclined to try the uncommon path nowadays. But are they safe on this new found trend? Is this pasture greener than the ones that their elders have grazed upon?

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Arranged marriage is the traditional approach in which once you finish your academics, you are asked to join government services or join corporate sector where you can earn fixed income and get settled. While love marriage constitutes challenges and troubles at every crossroad and every corner of the gully, though it has its own charm, which lies as undescribed as the hallowed concepts of spirituality.

Your bride in this union would be your idea.

Entrepreneurship, like love marriage, catches your imagination quickly. It attracts you to give it a shot by marrying your very idea (the bride that has swept away every thought in your mind) and leave aside the traditional world where there are lesser risks and lesser rewards. It is like embarking upon a journey that only a few have trodden and nobody knows the sure shot path to the destination.

However, let me warn you that entrepreneurship, like love marriage, is fraught with pitfalls and roadblocks. You never know when it will fail and you will be left clueless as what to do. By the time you realize the fatal blow that has been served to you, you might have already exhausted all the resources or options that can give you a second chance. Like an unworthy bride, your idea itself may fail and turn the whole concept of love marriage into a distasteful venture.

Your family members, friends will advise you against it and will list the dangers that you may invite just because you try to be different. There is every possibility that you will be threatened by all means to discourage you from following the course of your own beliefs. They will all gang up to convince you that your bride (your idea) is not worth all the risks that you are willing to undertake.

In India, love marriage is not encouraged often. The long traditions have made it one of the most dangerous steps that a person can take in life.

But this is how it is.

If you try it, it’s all up to you. If you succeed, people will hail you; if you fail, people will curse for not listening to their advice.

But like love marriage, entrepreneurship offers greater challenges that you might not get in your traditional arranged marriages (jobs). You have all the time to decorate your bride and make her a worthy wife.

Like love marriage, entrepreneurship offers more chances to explore various side of your personality that you might never touch in your traditional arranged marriages (jobs). Your wife (your idea) will give you enough chances to explore your own personality.

Like love marriage, entrepreneurship lets you create your own life-style instead of fitting in an already designed arrangement. Your costly wife (your idea) will make it mandatory that you exercise drastic measures on what you spend and how much you spend.

Like love marriage, entrepreneurship gives you more reasons to laugh and cry unlike your traditional arranged marriages (jobs) where life is often monotonous. Your wife (your idea) will work like a pendulum–sometimes working and sometimes failing.

Like love marriage, entrepreneurship gives you early sense of responsibility of everything in life unlike your traditional arranged marriages (jobs) where putting-on-others attitude runs amuck. Your wife (your idea) will make a man out of you.

So, do entrepreneurship!

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