Entrepreneurship and business ideas around car parking

Have you made it to your home from office in two hours when actually it is a 20 minutes journey? Did you missed a crucial meeting in a corporate house because the traffic jam on the road was too heavy? What is the reason behind these two situations: number of vehicles on the road. Automobile industry in India is seeing a boom in the four-wheeler segment and small cars are making a buzz in the town.

Entrepreneurship ideas around car parking

After the launch of Nano by Tata, there has been a good competition among car manufacturers of India to produce cars that take lesser ground but offer more space.

Car parking is another area where lots of issues arise. Be it a housing complex or a mall, be it a government office or a multi-storyed corporate house, car parking is a major task. However, there is always a demand of better parking lots in almost all the companies. Do you feel, as an entrepreneur, you can think an idea that could generate business opportunities in car parking?

Could it be:

  • Building sheds for car parking
  • Overhead construction for car parking to prevent them from sun and rain
  • Offering task-men for controlling and monitoring of car space
  • Car maintenance and cleaning

If you feel there could be some other areas, share them.

(Photo taken from the 9th floor of a corporate building in Sec-62, Noida)

A similar approach can be adopted for 2-wheeler parking space also:

2-wheeler parking at Patiala bus-stand

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