Entrepreneurial nature of people of Kauai Island

A couple of months back, I visited Kaua’i Island in Hawai’i State of United States of America. For a common man, it is one of the dreams come true to visit USA, but people who are in software or IT field, they know that people travel to foreign countries almost every month. However, for me, it was my first foreign trip and that too not funded by the organization that I work for! 🙂

Kauai Island
Painting the nature!

But anyways, I am not here to exhibit my achievement but to talk about the entrepreneurial nature of people that I met there. I am just trying to compare how everybody there is in an entrepreneurial frame of mind, while in India, we feel so much cramped and limited due to various types of frets that include social, individual, and familial.

My intention is not to criticize the Indians but to take positives from others who are also humans and have similar kind of mind, though they might be using it differently.

Some properties that make the mare go in Kaua’i:

  • People believe in social values there. They are ready to get help and offer it whenever somebody needs it. On other times, they don’t stick their noses in any matter. However, if somebody asks for help, they do offer it readily. There is no shame in asking for help and surely there is no degradation of personal self if somebody offers it. Overall, this is a great team work that makes them keep going.
  • People believe in learning and sharing. I noticed that a lot of people from Kaua’i travel far and wide (though they are very happy to celebrate their own tradition and culture), and they bring the knowledge back to share it with others. You will notice there is always some workshop, retreat, festival, celebration going on in Kaua’i. This helps in continuous improvement of the lot.
  • People are self-starters and self-believers. Kauaians believe in themselves and of course taking things head on. I noticed that they know and can operate more machines, instruments, and gadgets than a normal engineer or tech guy. This characteristic of course comes from the necessity of using things because you don’t get cheap labor in Kaua’i to do stuff for you. This brings lots of innovation and improvisation on the island.
  • Kauaians are respectful to each other and believe in the miracle of a smile. I noticed that totally unknown people throw a smile or a casual “how are you?” phrase when they pass-by each other. This brightens the day for everybody and keeps them in a cheerful mood. They appreciate whatever little talent or skill somebody has and encourages the person to use it for common welfare of the society. This habit brings a lot of positivity and healing vibration to the island.
  • Kaua’i island is the Garden Isle of Hawai’i. It is considered to be the oldest of Hawaiian islands. However, it protects its natural environment and ruthlessly believes in preserving it. They are eco-conscious and also love to use the resources as much as is needed and not out of consumerism concept. This makes them aware about reducing wastage, optimally using whatever nature provides, and also make others wanting to come and visit the island for its sheer native and unspoiled beauty.

I feel I will love to live in Kaua’i any day given that I get a chance, not just because it looks fancy and exotic, but because of some of the values that are so logical and sustaining that you will be willing to adopt and regulate your life accordingly.

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