Entrepreneurial ideas around carbon-free (green) transportation

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The transportation industry is always troubled by the terms that read: carbon footprints, global warming, carbon offset, green. It is not wrong to question the green-quotient of a vehicle given the number that ply on the roads and other mediums of travel including rails, air, and water.

The very first step taken in this regard was to develop electric vehicles or e-vehicles that should not be converting the fuel to flue gases. Later on, alternatively or sustainable-energy-using vehicles were developed. However, there is always an opportunity where an entrepreneur can sneak in to create something unique.

The concept of creating carbon-free or green transportation means is two-pronged. The exhaust gases should be less or negligible; secondly, the source of power should be renewable, like solar power. In this regard, new inventions, applications and technologies have been developed. Solar bikes, solar rickshaws, solar cars, and solar boats are some of the examples of the same genre.

Entrepreneurial opportunities for green transportation:

  1. Integrating renewable sources of energy into transportation
  2. Developing new automotive technologies to use clean fuel
  3. Increasing the efficiency of vehicles
  4. Developing new fuels
  5. Starting transportation business using manual services (fuel-free transport for local use)

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  1. Points of Improvement:

    1) Grammer – grammatical errors thereby confusing the reader,
    2) Selection of words- electric vehicles are called EV’s and not e-vehicles,
    3) Formation of sentences – look at what the statements mean in “Entrepreneurial opportunities for green transportation”, they are simply pointless, and convey no value to the reader.
    4) The objective of writing the article – Whats the vision, what is the piece of knowledge given to the reader, where is the discussion moving on……….. it talks about green transportation, and then say, “starting transportation business using manual services (fuel-free transport for local use) “.
    5) The selection of pics: simply do not project the real sense of the green.

    Further more, could improve on the overall scope of the doc.


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