Entrepreneur Tamagna Ghosh shares the story of Hami

Different entrepreneurs have different motivations. For some it is the brand, for some it is money, for some it is simply the power to move resources. Then, there are also the creative entrepreneurs for whom, it is nothing but the spirit of creation. Hami, a culmination of imagination through art and photograph, is a venture founded by Tamagna Ghosh and Sounak Chatterjee, to capture unique perceptions in their art work. A brand that is known for its quality work, here is the story of Hami, in the words of the Founder Tamagna Ghosh.

Q1. What is HAMI all about?

Hami is about cult youth art and fine-art photography which special inclination towards Music and lifestyle. Hami as a name is very special to me owing to its meaning in Bengali- a soft peck on a baby’s cheek. I treat every art piece done by me and every photo as tender and close to my heart as a hami.

Q2. When was Hami started? How did you come up with the idea?

Hami had always been an idea in my head. It came into being when I was sitting with Sounak Chatterjee, my friend and co-founder, with whom I was then working in Delhi at a popular radio station. Hami was born one fine evening as we were pondering on how to get the passion for art and photography in us rolling. It was a eureka-moment when we actually thought of the name HAMI. Sounak had painted a portrait of himself as a kid in his mother’s arms, getting a soft kiss on his cheek. That’s what HAMI is for us. We interpret it as a kiss of the rays of light on a film negative or the vibrant colors making their stamp on the art canvas.

Q3. How is it different from any other art and photography brand?

Hami Art especially concentrates on the entire process of art making. I feel that whenever you buy an art piece to adorn your drawing room, more than an investment it is about how you feel close to that art piece, how your personality, mood or temperament is shown through that art piece. In other words, it’s close to your heart- just like a soft peck on a baby’s cheek. Hence I believe in recording every moment of the creation of an art piece through videos or intermediate photos so that the client gets to see the entire process of creation. Besides that I work closely with Indian music bands to develop cult youth music art. I believe there is a huge potential in this form of art as the independent non-bollywood music scenario is just in its nascent stage.

Hami Photography is simply about fine-art Music and lifestyle photography. I click whatever is close to my heart – India, music, culture, people, life. I constantly try to bring out the inner feeling of joy, emotion, satisfaction or may be sadness, failure, etc through every picture I click.

Q4. What was your motivation to start HAMI?

Rockstar by heart. Artist by birth. Photographer by passion- that’s what I call myself. I have always been an artist after having attained professional level art degree. Although I have been constantly focussing on my career, busy cracking IIT JEE/ CAT but inside there has always been a hidden passion to do something related to Art. Photography has grown in me over the years. Hami is more of a personal dream journey for me.

Q5. What were the major challenges in implementing the idea?

Honestly the major challenge has always been to break the clutter and do something different which might turn people’s heads. You don’t have dearth of talent in this country. Being a brand and marketing guy myself I keep on meeting creative people almost everyday. I have felt that it is absolutely necessary to be different, and to be seen. Thankfully with the advent of social networking and internet, the virtual distances have decreased. Once I was clear about my concept and what would be the focus, I started networking, reading, meeting professionals, seeing their work and most importantly taking care in delivering quality work. However this is still in the process and I have done only 5% work of whatever I have in my head.

Q6. What is your strategy for making your brand known and popular?

My strategy is simple – Be unique. Be consistent. Deliver quality work. Network with the right kind of people/group.

Q7. Who is your target audience and how are you reaching out to them?

Hami’s target audience includes musicians, record labels, art connoisseurs, ad agencies, and art gallery owners.

Q8. What is the future of art and photography in India?

The future of art in India is huge. Art already has an established market in India and with the advent of affordable DSLR cameras, photosharing websites , hobby classes, the future of photography is bright.

Q9. Since you are also in a day job with a Radio Station, how do you balance both your commitments?

Life in Mumbai is very demanding. I catch an early morning train to work. At night, I am usually out attending special events, rock concerts where I can pursue rock photography. On weekends, I go for photography walks and teach two students here. I am part of the group Mumbai Shoot too. Hence, I am always switching roles, but since Hami is my true passion, I always find a way to pursue it wholeheartedly.

Q10. What would be your advice to entrepreneurs in the creative segment?

Creative entrepreneurs should not feel that only creative talent will suffice. You need to be present at the right place at the right time to make your passion work as a mode of business.

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