Unnati Narang

Poem on importance of time in english

Business Valuation made easy

How do you place a value on how much your business start-up is worth? Recently, an entrepreneur who has been running his own magazine and wanted to sell it asked me how he should value the business. Valuation of business is fairly simple if you have been recording your revenues, expenses and cash flows in

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Poem on importance of time in english

Tapping the niche markets

One of the most important considerations in starting your own business is defining your target market; your present and potential customer base. Often, these depend on the very nature of business. Consider the case of antique works of art versus a detergent. As an art piece will command a greater price, it will target the

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Poem on importance of time in english

Becoming an entrepreneur in India

India, as a ground for entrepreneurship, is fast developing, owing to one of the largest youth population in the world. The economic slowdown forced many companies to freeze campus placements, incentivizing entrepreneurship further. A majority of the Indian population today is aggressively exploring options to start something of their own. The downturn has not been

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